Aircraft Collection

Wooden Handcrafted Aircraft & Related Products

Aircraft Collection is an internationally renowned Canadian-based company which specializes in professionally crafted model airplane replicas which fulfill the highest standards in the industry for private and company aviation collectors. In the past 15 years, Aircraft Collection has meticulously developed more than 1000 hand-crafted aeronautical models.

The discerning collector with a critical eye for exact detail and fine craftsmanship will discover the impressive diversity of the selection of airplane models ranging from civil airplanes which existed before World War II to the contemporary aviation evolution represented by the Airbus and Boeing designs. Be it military aircraft flown by propellers or jet engines, tourism airplanes, bush and fire-fighting planes or helicopters, Aircraft Collection replicates a vast choice of models in the fascinating field of aviation.

For easy display in offices, museums, expositions or the private library each model is hand-crated to a one-size replica ranging from 30 -50 centimeters long.

The fabrication of the Aircraft Collection models is two-fold. 50% is Canadian-made with product development, research, design and quality tests realized in the province of Quebec and 50% is our Asian workshop where the actual hand-crafting is undertaken.

To satisfy the growing demand by international collectors for our fine hand-crafted models, our website offers on-line purchasing from a vast selection of replicas found in our catalogue. For personalized orders, we will conceive airplane models according to your specifications and needs.

Aircraft Collection is a medium-sized company employing a team of professionals and the finest craftsmen to conceive a product line in which every model is considered a masterpiece and has merited recognition by the aeronautical industry and aviation museums. The entire collections are limited editions and each and every model bears the signature of the production manager to assure the highest quality for a demanding client.

We are totally committed to the passionate challenge of commercializing aviation models which far exceed the expectations of collectors who demand the ultimate level of accuracy and execution. Our success is a unique technique, unmatched worldwide, which focuses on minute detail that closely observes the design and specifications of the aviator. Exclusively integrating quality material, on-going research for innovative manufacturing methods and talented artists, The Airplane Collection is unsurpassed in presenting a product of excellent quality and near- perfection at competitive prices.

Nec Ultra Plus can only characterize Airplane Collection’s endeavors and realizations.